Tuesday, February 21, 2012

contest; one dream veil

Salam to y'all,

selama buat preps ni kan, i have never thought about veil kot!
like seriously. memang tak terfikir. jadi, bila Puan Fainie buat One Dream Veil Contest, i was like "eh, macam mana boleh lupa ni?".
so, saya ingin menyertainyalah pun. hehehe.

kita pun browse lah.
ya allah, banyak nya yang kita minat (as usual)
tapi, cuma boleh guna 1 je ye. satu je. (kalau banyak kan bagus, hahaha)
so, ini daku pertontonkan salah satu kegemaranku;


Interested to join? It's so easy and simple

  1. Be Puan Fainie follower on Adria Cottage & ChintaAidaIskandar - i have done it!
  2. Post a veil picture with a magic word. (That's mean, 1 picture and 1 word caption. No need an essay - easy kan?)
  3. Share with or tag a B2B 2012 and inform her about this - Cik Kikin Amer!
  4. Drop a comment below to notify her, so she can visit u back
  5. Didn't have blog? No worries, you may email her at fainie_riz@yahoo.com

Competition conditions:

  1. Brides and grooms who will get married in this year
  2. Participation of the whole Malaysia are welcomed
  3. Closing date for entries on 31 March 2012
  4. Judgement is based on creativity and uniqueness.
  5. All judges decisions are final

An exclusive custom made veil as per your request.



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